Meet our certified team of instructors; Izzy, Jacqueline, Keni, Victoria, and Kathleen.



Izzy discovered Pilates after suffering a near fatal neck injury in a severe car accident.  Practicing Pilates not only acted as a form of rehabilitation for Izzy, it provided her with a sense of balance and calm while rehabilitating from her injuries. Izzy has embraced the idea that "The mind when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious power." Joseph Pilates.

Izzy has been practicing and teaching Pilates for over 10 years. Having found harmony and center in her own Pilates practice, Izzy is devoted to paying it forward through her Pilates instruction work. Izzy is BASI Certified and ever enthusiastic and passionate about sharing her love for Pilates in her teachings.



Jacqueline's introduction to Pilates began in 2003 doing mat videos on her living room floor. From the start, she loved the distinct combination of stretch and strength conditioning. Over the years, Jacqueline's practice greatly developed as she discovered Pilates was a vehicle to better body awareness, balance and overall physical and mental well-being. Pilates extends far more than exercise and she strives to help others incorporate those powerful benefits to their daily lives. Combining her passion for the movement and a natural desire to help others, she is constantly inspired while working with her clients. Jacqueline's Pilates sessions are full of energy, attention to detail and a positive attitude! Jacqueline received her comprehensive Pilates training through BASI Pilates®, Body Arts and Science International. Additionally, she holds an Xtend Barre certification and a B.S. in Business from Miami University, Ohio.  After growing up in sunny San Diego, she spent 11 years in Ohio and Washington DC. Now back on the West Coast with her husband, they appreciate the little things– like sunshine and avocados– more than ever!

Keni Colgan

As a competitive gymnast for several years I first discovered Pilates in 2004 by taking Mat classes. Immediately I realized the attention to detail that each movement requires which reminded me of the precision that is demanded in the sport of gymnastics. My ultimate goal is far more than individual success; my objective is to contribute and play a significant role in helping adults manage a healthy active lifestyle. 

I received my Pilates education through Balanced Body at the Center of Balance. This certification process tied into my graduate project which was creating a manual for adults using Pilates exercises to improve functional performance. I am enthusiastic to gain more practical experience, work diligently and learn in this growing field.


My interest in Pilates began in high school. I was a competitive runner and Pilates was recommended to increase my core strength, balance and flexibility. So, I joined my mother and grandmother’s bi-weekly private sessions and have many fond memories. As an athlete, I have engaged in various forms of exercise and have found through the years that my body responds best to Pilates. Additionally, I have a background in naturopathic medicine and the holistic approach that Joseph Pilates brought to this form of exercise compliments and maximizes my health and well-being. I am excited to share my passion for overall well-being through teaching Pilates and helping others reach their fitness goals.



Kathleen is truly passionate about Pilates. First introduced to it in 2005, she found Pilates to be a natural fit given her background in dance. Following neck surgery to repair a congenital defect, she became inspired to teach Pilates because of the pivotal role it played in her rehabilitation. Pilates dramatically contributed to her ability to regain full function and mobility of her spine, overcome chronic low back pain without other treatments and medications, and improve her overall quality of life.

For Kathleen, the multidimensional aspects of Pilates -- including the use of breath, precision, concentration, and balance between strength and flexibility – make it infinitely interesting and challenging. Pilates serves not only as a complete fitness endeavor to keep her strong and fit, but it also creates a path to achieving overall wellbeing in body, mind, and spirit.

Kathleen loves to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for Pilates with clients, and it is through this passion that she is able to help others achieve their short- and long-term personal goals.

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